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EODSA Winter Development League (WDL) Rules

October 11th 2019

Article 1: General

1.1 A copy of the current league rules shall be posted on the league management system.

1.2 The EODSA staff may change these published rules at any time with the approval of the EODSA Director of Development.

1.3 Clubs and teams will be notified of any changes to these rules via email.

Article 2: League membership applications and fees

2.1 Any EODSA club that is in good standing and has permission to operate youth soccer may participate in the league.

2.2 The EODSA will publish an application form for the league no later than September 1st of each year. The application from will specify as a minimum the following:

                i)              The team entry fee.
                ii)             The payment schedule for team fee
                iii)            The date of team withdrawal without penalty
                iv)            The date of team withdrawal with the forfeit of the team deposit
                v)             The date of team withdrawal with the forfeit of the complete team entry fee

2.3 Team entries will only be accepted by the EODSA if they have been submitted on the team application form.

Article 3: Age groups and divisions

3.1 The league will offer divisions in the age groups under 9 to under 12 for both boys and girls.

Article 4: Registration of players

4.1 Each club must register all players participating in the league with the EODSA, in accordance with the Ontario Soccer policies and procedures.

Article 5: Coaches and other team officials

5.1 Each team must appoint a head coach.

5.2 All team coaches and assistant coaches must be certified in accordance with Ontario Soccer policies and procedures.

5.3 All coaches and other team officials must be registered with the EODSA in accordance with the Ontario Soccer policies and procedures.

5.4 All coaches and other team officials must be registered with the league management system.

Article 6: Playing up

6.1 Ontario Soccer underage player rules will apply to games in the league.

Article 7: Game sheets

7.1 Each team must provide the referee with a game sheet prior to each game.

7.2 The game sheet should be generated from the league management system, however if this is not possible the team may provide an alternative game sheet.

7.3 Hand written names may be added to the game sheet if they were omitted when the game sheet was generated.

7.4 The names of players and team officials not present at the game must be crossed out on the game sheet. All players, and team officials, whose names appear on the game sheet and are not crossed out, shall be deemed to have played, or participated in the game. 

Article 8: Player eligibility

8.1 The EODSA will investigate and may take the appropriate disciplinary action following any report of an ineligible player participating in the league.

Article 9: Equipment

9.1 The home team must provide a size 4 game ball to the Referee.

9.2 Each team must register their uniform colours with the league management system prior to the start of the season.

9.3 When in the opinion of the referee there is a clash in shirt colours the home team is required to change to their alternate colours providing that the visiting team’s colours are as filed with the league management system, and if not, then the visiting team shall change its shirts to their regular team colour.

9.4 The goalkeeper’s shirt colour must be different from that of either team.

9.5 All players on the same team, except the goalkeeper, shall wear shirts of the same colour, which must be numbered on the back. Numbers must be at least eight inches in height. No two players on the same team may wear the same number. Players’ numbers must be recorded on the game sheet and cannot be changed after the start of the game without the referee’s permission.

Article 10: Laws of the game

10.1 All games played in the league shall use the published WDL Game Day Rules as found on the league management system.

Article 11: Responsibilities of team officials

11.1 The home team shall designate the bench or technical areas for each of the teams which shall be on the same side of the field. The bench or designated technical area shall start at a distance of 5 meters and end 10 meters on either side of the centre line.

11.2 Only people listed on the game sheet may be located in the technical area.

11.3 A Club Head Coach or Technical Director may sit on the Team bench or within designated technical area as long as his or her name is added to the game sheet.

11.4 No team official may enter the field of play at any time without the prior approval of the referee.

11.5 Each team shall ensure that its spectators sit on the side of the field opposite from the side where the players and team officials are located.  All team officials must remain in the technical area and may not sit on the spectators’ side of the field.

11.6 Clubs and team officials are fully responsible, at all times, for the conduct of their players, other team officials and spectators, at and in the vicinity of any game in which their team participates.

11.7 A player or team official who tries or does impede, harass or otherwise intimidate a referee or opposing team officials, shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Article 12: Game start times and abandoned games

12.1 Teams are required to present themselves at the game field at least 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time .

12.2 If a games start time is delayed for any reason the referee will shorten the game appropriately to ensure that the following game starts at the correct time.

12.3 Any team that fails to present itself at the field within 5 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time or fails to field the minimum 5 players, within 5 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time, shall be considered to have failed to appear for a scheduled game.

12.4 If a game is abandoned it will not be rescheduled.

12.5 If a game is abandoned due to the actions of a team or an individual from that team then discipline action may be initiated against the club and or individuals.

Article 13: Submission of game reports and scores

13.1 Following the game each team and the referee must submit a game report via the league management system.

Article 14: Referees

14.1 Referees shall be appointed by the EODSA referee assigner.

14.2 Referees are required to be at the assigned field a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time.

14.3 Referees assigned to the league shall be paid for their services in accordance with the EODSA Referee Fees Policy.

14.4 If one of the teams raises objections as to field conditions, goalposts, balls or team colours, the referee may, at his or her discretion, require the responsible team to correct the cause of the objection, if this is possible without unduly delaying progress of the game. The referee shall be the sole judge as to whether the matters that gave rise to the objection by one of the teams, is sufficient cause to abandon the game.

14.5 In the event that the appointed referee fails to appear by the appointed kick-off time, a substitute registered referee may referee the game.  If a substitute registered referee is not available then the two teams may agree to a spectator to referee the game.

14.6 The referee must submit completed game sheets to the league within 48 hours of the game.

Article 15: Schedules

15.1. All schedules will be published on the league management system.

15.2 Teams may submit requests for reschedules to the league administrator. Consideration will be given to each request however due to limited field availability approval of reschedule requests can not be guaranteed.

15.3 Postponed games will only be rescheduled if there is available field time at no additional cost to the EODSA.

Article 16: Discipline

16.1 The EODSA will manage all discipline matters arising in the league in accordance with the Ontario Soccer discipline policies and procedures.

Article 17: Club representatives

17.1 A club that is accepted into the league shall designate up to 2 individuals as its club representative. The club representative shall be the official point of contact in dealings with the league.

Article 18: Communications

18.1 The league shall mainly use its league management system for all communications with its member clubs, and their team officials. Communications shall be by e-mail. Clubs must ensure they have valid email addresses in the league management system at all times for the designated club and team positions.

Article 19: Other matters

19.1 All matters not included in these published rules shall be dealt with in accordance with the Ontario Soccer policies and procedures. 

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