EODSA Winter Development League
2019 – 2020 Referee Instructions

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1.    If you need to cancel a game assignment please follow the process shown on Ref Centre.

2.    Referees must attend their assigned games a minimum of 15 minutes before kick off.

3.    Teams will provide referees with 1 copy of their game sheet.

4.    Game length is 2 x 25 minutes with a 3-minute half time.

5.    All Free Kicks are Indirect Free Kicks, unless in the penalty area – then it is a penalty kick

6.    Discipline

a.    U9 & U10 – do not show red cards – In the case of extreme conduct, the Coach is expected to keep the player off the field for the remainder of the game

b.    U11 & U12 – red cards can be shown and the player cannot take any further part in the game and can be substituted.

c.    Cautions can be shown with a 5-minute suspension – the cautioned player can be replaced by a substitute.

7.    Substitutions can take place on any stoppage of play at the Referee’s discretion

8.    Please complete the game sheets at the conclusion of the game and submit them within 48 hours of the game to the league administrator. Game sheets can be scanned and emailed to WDLgamesheets@eodsa.ca or sent via fax #  (613) 317-1844.

9.    Referees will not be paid for the game if they do not submit the game sheets.

10.    All game reports must be submitted on Ref Centre within 48 hours of your game. Please enter the correct score of the game and NOT 0-0.

11.    Please ensure a Special Incident Report is submitted through Ref Centre for any of the following reasons:

-    Game shortened or abandoned
-    Protest lodged
-    Injured player did not return to the game
-    Team official ejection
-    Question of player eligibility
-    Other information the league should be informed of

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